Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day 4 Epcot & Disney Studios

Kara and co. planned this day of adventure!
we began with a delightful character breakfast at Ohana
in the Polynesian resort!
 Lilo & Stitch were there

 we filled a long table all by ourselves!
party of 14!
 the original Guthrie girls and parents
megan, amy, kara
anne & kev
 pluto was my favorite character that morning-
look at him holding calli's notebook up to his eye 
as he signed his autograph.
 I have to be honest...
stitch has always creeped me out a tiny bit.
happy anniversary to us!
16 glorious years!
 off we go to epcot!
 our first stop inside the gates..
The Art of Disney
Afton was in heaven!
She did not want to leave, but we had so much more to accomplish.
so off we headed to Soarin'.
the worst ride ever invented.
in my opinion.
I do not like my feet off the ground.
I do not like to be soarin' anywhere above the ground
unless I'm in a plane,
fully enclosed.
ella got to be the time tester.
she wore this special lanyard
while we waited in the line.
I think it took us around an hour to get through the line.
sadly, no fast passes for this ride.
 I wish we had another day to spend touring the countries in epcot!
Unfortunately, we had to hurry to disney studios where
awaited our doomed arrival.
the one-eyed Cameron
was the scariest part of the ride.
and down we gooooooooooo!!!

we also saw a muppet show
a stunt/special effects show
and some other stuff.
but nothing can compare to
(and Cam screaming like a little girl)

 LOVE you Cameron!!

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